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Sony DSC-F707: "no memory stick" -> "C:13:01 memory stick error"

(I tried LJ Seek, but couldn't find any previous posts about this)


I'm new here. We have a Sony F707 that I absolutely love. Unfortunately it's not working anymore, but when it did, it was so easy to get great shots with it and I especially liked the macro function and the mpeg movies.

At first it stopped working when it was cold, like when having it set up outside at night or when having my baby perfectly positioned in the new snow.
Sometimes it would give the C:13:01 error message, but more frequently the "no memory stick" bull shit.
In the end it only worked every 5th time or so. This was extremely frustrating as I missed out on many great photos of my child.

So, we found this page about how to solve it and my partner did the procedure twice... Now we get the "C:13:01 memory stick error" message at every start up.
It's the same with both our memory sticks, so we're sure the problem lies with the camera.

But I tried the "Format H: /FS:FAT /A:8192" from as well (although we always formatted the card from the camera after each photo retrieval).

Sony of course wants 190 EUR just to take a look at the camera, whereas this model sells for 250 USD on eBay. So my partner thinks it's better to buy a new one of the same model or another one. (We currently use a Nikon D200, but I don't really like that one...)
I hate the idea of letting a good camera go to waste just because there's something wrong with the "electrics".

Am I stupid in thinking this? Is there anything to do? Anyone else had theirs repaired?
Or if you know some other community where I could get help...

Thanks in advance
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