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Question regarding Cybershot DSC-W80 
12:36pm 15/03/2009
  I'm having a slight problem with my camera. I've looked through the manual and can't figure this out either.

When I was using the camera a few weeks ago, I found a series of settings which would allow me to take photos in Black & White, Sepia, and other ways aside from the standard color....the problem is I can't figure out how I came up on that! Does anyone know under which menu options that's under? Thanks in advance!

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11:54am 04/07/2007
  Hi, I have a Sony DSC-H5 and have used it since Christmas. its an awesome camera but recently when i connect it to my computer via the USB wire it shows all my pictures discolored and/or with huge portions of the pictures greyed out.

if i save the pictures to the computer it keeps them like that but on my actual camera the pictures are fine. is it the USB wire or the computer, or is it my camera? 

I've never had that happen before. could it be because the computer was just updated to Windows Vista?

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i have a cybershot DSC-P100 
05:03pm 29/06/2007
  i was wondering if anyone knew anything about RAW camara files?  

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03:24pm 01/06/2007
  Hey guys! I have a big problem (and I've heard other people have had the same, though it's just been through friends)

I have a DSC-W70 and I was just at a concert taking a ton of videos. Half of them say they're corrupt. When I look in the actual folder once I connect the USB cord I notice the videos that work have an additional file of the same name but with a .THM extension

The files that don't work are as large as the files that do work, so I'm wondering if it's possible to revive them? I have about 65 files all together, and only 30 or so of them are working! I noticed they were corrupt working about halfway through the concert but continued filming instead of deleting corrupted files because I had too many at that point. Anyways, please help!! I really want to see them!

Also, I've had this camera only a few months, and ever since I've gotten it it's occasionally been corrupting files, but it hasn't been a problem

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viewfinder in the sun 
12:06pm 13/02/2007
  I recentlly purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-H5, when I was out shooting yesterday I had a problem. IN the bright sunshine reflecting from the snow, I couldn't see the viewfinder. I wear glasses. Is there a work around, accessory that I can use to help?  

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Moss filled trees.... 
09:36pm 06/02/2007



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08:53pm 05/02/2007
  I have a cyber-shot 7.2 I've had it for just over a year, I'm on my
original memory stick and have taken over 1500 pictures. Just today a
black blotch has formed in the middle of the back "display" screen when
I turn on the camera. As I bring the picture in closer the blotch grows
darker and bigger. Did I break my camera some how? What is that blotch
caused from?

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Sony DSC-F707: "no memory stick" -> "C:13:01 memory stick error" 
08:11pm 30/01/2007
mood: obsessed
(I tried LJ Seek, but couldn't find any previous posts about this)


I'm new here. We have a Sony F707 that I absolutely love. Unfortunately it's not working anymore, but when it did, it was so easy to get great shots with it and I especially liked the macro function and the mpeg movies.

At first it stopped working when it was cold, like when having it set up outside at night or when having my baby perfectly positioned in the new snow.
Sometimes it would give the C:13:01 error message, but more frequently the "no memory stick" bull shit.
In the end it only worked every 5th time or so. This was extremely frustrating as I missed out on many great photos of my child.

So, we found this page http://hbar.servebeer.com/text/f707/ about how to solve it and my partner did the procedure twice... Now we get the "C:13:01 memory stick error" message at every start up.
It's the same with both our memory sticks, so we're sure the problem lies with the camera.

But I tried the "Format H: /FS:FAT /A:8192" from http://www.pechorin.com/m/2003/07/12/SONY_C1301_ERROR-202719-2.html as well (although we always formatted the card from the camera after each photo retrieval).

Sony of course wants 190 EUR just to take a look at the camera, whereas this model sells for 250 USD on eBay. So my partner thinks it's better to buy a new one of the same model or another one. (We currently use a Nikon D200, but I don't really like that one...)
I hate the idea of letting a good camera go to waste just because there's something wrong with the "electrics".

Am I stupid in thinking this? Is there anything to do? Anyone else had theirs repaired?
Or if you know some other community where I could get help...

Thanks in advance

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Snowy Creek.... 
10:23pm 06/01/2007


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08:15pm 02/01/2007
  Some pictures of the sky and other things that ive took with the Sony H2 i got for xmas.Im new to photography and comments and advice would be helpful.Theres quite a few pics.Thanks =)

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Hi, I'm new... 
10:50pm 29/12/2006
mood: curious
I just got a Cybershot DCS-H5 for Christmas, and its by far the best camera i've ever owned. I was wondering what batteries everyone used in theirs because i noticed that my battery meter is showing the charge to be at half with only a couple pictures taken. They are regular rechargable batteries. I haven't tried the batteries that came with the camera yet as i assumed they are just like my other rechargable ones. am i wrong?

is there a specific brand/type that you'd recommend to use that would hold a charge for a while?

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11:24pm 22/11/2006
  Excuse my camera inexperience but I have a question.
I have a DSC-W30 - alot of the time with flash on the camera will take the picture all white/bright or dark/red. how do I fix this, to just take a normal picture all the time? thank you!

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12:00pm 04/10/2006
  Hello. I have a question.
I have a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W30.
I am going to a in door concert on Friday and I was wondering if anyone knew a good setting to put the camera on to take pictures of the bands on stage?
Thank you =)

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07:33pm 12/09/2006


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Foothill fence-line...... 
07:47pm 25/08/2006


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07:41pm 22/08/2006


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04:20pm 27/07/2006
  Does anyone own a dsc-w50 sony cybershot? I cannot get good pictures of my eyes (i'm into makeup) when doing closeups to save my life! I've tried turning the macro on, but I can't get good lighting because using the flash messes the color up. Does anyone have any tips? I doubt anyone will reply to this, but It was worth a try. I guess I'll have to take it to best buy and ask if anyone can help there. It was $300 with tax, so I'm kind of bummed.  

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06:38pm 19/07/2006
  hi! i noticed that no one has posted in here lately, but hopefully some one will read this and help me out

i have a sony cybershot its 4.1 mp and says on it... carl zeiss vario=tessar optical zoom 3X

well my problem is.. when i turn it on, the screen is white. thats it. thats all it does. the batteries are brand new and it will still take a picture but i cant see it because the screen is always just white. and it doesnt let me look at the pictures ive taken

does anyone have any idea of what i should do?

and of course, im stupid because i dont have my receit for it. i bought it about 5 months ago.
im probably going to go back to where i bought it and complain and have them explain to me why a new camera (its been doing this for a long time) is well.. broken?


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04:15pm 03/05/2006
  I have a DSC P200 and it's my second Cybershot camera. Anyways, I'm entirely new to custom settings for aperture and whatnot...so if anyone can help me with settings, I'd appreciate it!

It seems like there are so many settings for this camera and it will take me forever to test out the many possibilities and combinations of the settings.

I'm having a hard time photographing people on stage. I'm often taking pictures for my friend's band and I wanted to know what is the best setting(s) for photographing in limited lighting? Also, photographing in motion (ie band members moving around stage) in limited lighting.

I'd appreciate ANY help. Thanks in advanced!

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12:16am 29/04/2006
  Do any of your have the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-S60?
If so, can you post some really nice quality photos you took from it?

Thanks in advance ♥

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